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With REACH, you get access to online email marketing service 24/7, anytime, anywhere. We provide an easy to use online email system that allows users to:

  • Import unlimited email lists
  • Import html file/source codes
  • Customize sender name / subject line
  • Include un-subscribe links
  • Create unlimited campaigns
  • Monitor their progress real time
  • Manage subscription list for opt-outs and bounces.

We are not going to elaborate the benefits of email marketing here – emailing has become a daily habit in companies for many different purposes. With many years of handling email campaigns for our clients, we believe that the most important aspects of email service include:

  • High delivery rate
  • Affordability

For high delivery rate, there are many providers that charges higher prices. Choosing the right email service provider could mean the difference between successful email campaigns and complete disasters.

REACH Marketing Services believes in affordable, easy to use email sending platform for marketeers and business owners. Our excellent email delivery rate at low prices helps you to continuously improve the results of your email marketing campaigns.

Sign up to our email marketing service today. Choose a plan that suit your needs:

200 emails/month S$10.00
for May 2016
1,000 emails/month S$15.00
for May 2016
10,000 emails/month S$25.00
for May 2016
50,000 emails/month S$60.00
for May 2016

No limitations by number of email subscribers!

These monthly plans are suitable for you (or company) who sends out regular email campaign or at least one email campaign per month. There are different plan catering to number of email contacts you have. Best of all, you can send unlimited number of campaign to unlimited number of subscribers for all plans.

For new companies, we will provide the first 100 emails for free.

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