Telemarketing Service

At REACH, we provide telemarketing services to complement your lead generation programs. With increasing costs of managing your own call agents, we are able to customize outbound/inbound calling programs at the lowest prices in the market. This can free up your sales team to focus on profiled leads, and increase their effectiveness in sales closures.

We work with a team of professional telemarketers who man up to 20 workstations. Their primary purpose is to call up listings in your databases and hold business-to-business conversations and double check upon the accuracy of the data provided. On top of that, the telemarketers are trained to:

  • Acquire new sales leads
  • Improve relationships with existing customers
  • Broaden and deepen the CRM process

We aim to secure a high success rate in getting connected to the targeted person. All our telemarketers are:

  • Supervised by an in-service Contact Centre manager for quality control
  • Fluent in the languages and dialects spoken in the Asia Pacific country you are targeting
  • Able to articulate well and conduct thermselves professionally

For new companies that sign up, we will provide the first 100 contacts for free.

Contact REACH or call us at 6569 0812.